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What Do You Do When You Don't Know What To Do?

There are times in our lives when we know what is 'right' and what to do, and there are other times when the road ahead is not clear. Sometimes it is easy to make a decision and follow where it leads, and at other times it is unclear which path to take. When I don't know what to do next, I just attempt to stay in the state of 'not knowing'. Although relatively uncomfortable, it is also a healthy state to be in. I suggest you remain 'in process' while you are in that 'not-knowing' state.

Make valuable use of this time of 'not knowing'. Read, take courses, ask questions and remain open to new information and ideas to come to you.

Sometimes the way that will be opened to you hasn't appeared yet.

Some years ago I came back from a fabulous five-week trip playing tennis in Germany, Monaco and Switzerland to find an unsettled state where I had been working. I suddenly realised I needed to move on to having my own business. After giving a month's notice, I finished work on Friday and, as I had not yet found my new business, I applied for a position I saw advertised in Saturday's newspaper. The proprietor asked me to meet him with two references. On Sunday I rang a former employer who immediately offered me a partnership. He had been waiting for months for a resolution to his situation. On Monday, after looking at the business, he and I agreed to become partners. He said, "Where were you Marylou? What took you so long? I've been waiting for you." I replied, "I came as fast as I could."

The universe orders itself to arrange connections and sometimes one of us has to wait till the other is ready. So stay in the discomfort till the path ahead becomes clear. Then when you can see the way ahead there is no need to wait any longer. Take action!


Testimonials from recent Rich is Better - Wealth for Women workshop

The last Rich is Better- Wealth for Women workshop was held in Melbourne in May at the beautiful Prana House. The participants gave glowing endorsements. Here are some testimonials:

"This workshop surprised me with just how good it is. Mary King has distilled mountains of brilliant information and presents it in a crystal clear and fun manner. She is authentically warm hearted and generous in delivering information and activities perfectly designed to help women get over their fears and hesitations about being wealthy. Every woman needs to do this course, the earlier the better!"
Libby Grace B.A.(Hons), MBA, Master Environ, Senior Supply Chain Consultant

"Mary is a warm generous presenter who imparts much wisdom and practical knowledge. I have attended many workshops in the past and found myself very pleasantly surprised with her methods; filled with fun and literally magic. And what really struck me was her disarming self-honesty which further proved her invaluable strength and expansive world and self-knowledge."
Jacquie Browne Better Life Expo

"Very thorough and comprehensive, thought-provoking and delivered with heart. Just the shot in the arm I needed to get back on track, motivated and committed to generating wealth for me. Thank you Mary. Excellent backup and resources. Fantastic value for money."
Sandra Boyd

"Rich is Better - Wealth for Women Workshop was an excellent opportunity to consider how we've arrived at the financial position we are now experiencing and it offered valuable tools and strategies to assist the participants to move forward in the direction they desire. Something for everyone! Good for you, for the wonderful work you are doing to assist people in being more responsible and abundant."
Julie Davey Best-selling international author A for Attitude

The next 2008 Rich is Better - Wealth for Women workshops are to be held in Auckland and Sydney in August, Brisbane in October and Melbourne in November. To find out early-bird dates and bonuses click here. The next Rich is Better - Real Estate workshop will be held in Melbourne in September. Numbers are limited. To find out early-bird date and bonuses click here.


My new book The Path To Success is hot off the press, with great bonuses when you buy

I'm delighted to announce that The Path To Success that I co-authored with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Brian Tracy (to name a few) has just been released.

The Path To Success provides 55 inspiring stories from highly successful people from all over the globe. In an open, honest way they each share their personal stories and the secrets they've used to generate a six or even seven figure income through their businesses as well as sharing personal stories of triumph over adversity.

The book costs $22.50. The bonuses that come with the purchase far outweigh your investment costs. To read the details and buy click here.

Best wishes,

Mary King


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