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A Time to Sow & A Time to Reap

Some women are very capable of and excited to make inroads to build their wealth. They have ideas about what to do and are keen to get going. Underneath, there may be a fear of what life would be like if there is not enough money coming in, which drives them to succeed.

Many women in relationships or partnerships often feel as if they are dragging a dead weight with a partner who does not seem to be aligned with their sense of urgency. The partner may be depressed, disinterested and/or lacking initiative.

I have seen two women recently whose lives have things in common, even though the circumstances seem to be different.

Alice works hard and is full of energy and ideas. She has a positive attitude. Her partner has lost his job, has been out of work for several months and is somewhat depressed about his situation. She feels restricted by his negative attitude and is afraid her own vitality will be dragged down.

Jodie is also feeling frustrated with her partner who has been ill and spent time in hospital. They were not prepared for this break in income and, as a result, she is thrown into panic deciding what to do to bring in money to cover their debts. She starts a frenzy of activity to earn more cash.

Life is cyclical. There are times when money flows in; there is an abundance and good feeling. And there are times when ‘bad’ things seem to be happening – machines break down, accidents happen and bills appear as if from nowhere. When the ‘good’ times are current we hope they will not end, then the wheel turns to a new part in the cycle and life becomes a challenge. When we are in the trough it seems as if this challenging time is everlasting.

And yet, “this too shall pass.” No matter what, the end will come. Events and situations occur that lift us out of the depths.

There is always a way to benefit from the circumstance. It could be to just surrender. When we surrender we stop putting up resistance and we go into the experience to accept whatever we need to experience at the time. I believe everything happens for a reason. We may not know or understand the reason but often a ‘negative’ experience eventually becomes a great teaching for us. Sometimes the lesson may be to allow our partner to have his or her ‘episode’ and to stand strong in our own power. I’m not suggesting this is easy. I am saying the experience can be beneficial in the long run.


My new book - Well Heeled & High Heeled - How to be a Wealthy Woman

I have just returned from time away writing my next book - Well Heeled & High Heeled - How to be a Wealthy Woman. It's in process. Would you be willing to comment on what information you would like to see in this book? I'll do my best to cover your question. You may comment by going to my blog and writing your request. This will really help me to supply the answers you, and other women, are looking for. Many thanks for your input.


New Empower Magazine - available in newsagents and airports 23rd July

I've been invited to write as the 'expert' for the finances section of a new glossy magazine for women called Empower. The first edition is due out on 23rd July and will be available at newsagents and airports. Look out for it. It promises to be inspirational, motivational and offer excellent reading.


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