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Doing Everything With Nothing

I'm sure you've heard the term 'Leverage'. It has become the buzzword frequently used to explain why it is often valuable to borrow to invest.

Leverage means doing more with less. In the context of buying property we use our deposit (less) to borrow the balance from the bank to pay the full purchase price (more).

Another universal principle (one that may be a new term for you) is the concept of 'Ephemeralization'. This is an idea coined by Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller to describe doing ever more with less.

In the past we had to spend large amounts of money to advertise a coming event with newspaper advertisements, printed flyers and extensive mailings. Today the internet allows us to reach massive numbers of people invisibly and practically cost exempt. Using the internet we can make 'free' calls using Skype, and send newsletters, audios, e-books, enrollment forms, receipts and flyers. Previously all these forms of contact added to the cost of doing business. Now there is a way to communicate that saves vast amounts of money.

As time goes on, we are starting to learn how to do everything with nothing.

This is a revolutionary idea. People are making fortunes with home-based businesses on the internet. An ordinary person (as distinct from a corporation) has the ability to connect with millions of prospects. This was previously only available to those who could afford to spend large amounts of money. Today everyone has the ability to attract business as long as they learn a few tricks of the trade.

In this information age, all you need to do is think, create and produce. You can write an article and turn it into an audio, a CD, a podcast, a newsletter, an e-book and a chapter for a book (to name some of the ideas). Put your thinking caps on and see what you can create. Think of how today we are starting to do everything with nothing. How can you make use of this principle in your life?

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Mary King
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